How To Get The Sergio Ramos Haircut & Hairstyle. Credit: Nike.

    How To Get The Sergio Ramos Haircut & Hairstyle. Credit: Nike.

    How To Get The Sergio Ramos Haircut & Hairstyle

    by Zheelana Cottam


    Sergio Ramos often captures the attention of the media. If not for the Spanish footballers defending skills on the pitch then for his iconic hairstyles - of which there have been MANY. He has sported numerous styles throughout his career from shoulder length to a short crop, pompadours and Caesar cuts, bleach blonde highlights and even braids. He is simply not afraid to try something different when it comes to his thick and luscious locks. It is unsurprising that men all over the globe head to their barbers in hopes of recreating the latest Ramos style when the man looks delicious in every haircut he brings to the table. 

    These hairstyles will elevate your look if done well. So, we have broken down two of his hairstyles for you to try out. Learn how to cut it then style it so you can look as stunning as a Sergio Ramos.


    Haircut 1: Side Swept with Fade

    How to get the Sergio Ramos haircut and hairstyle - side swept fringe and a fade

    Credit: Getty Images


    This Sergio Ramis haircut is brilliant if you're looking for something that is both simple and stylish. It is the perfect hairstyle for professional footballers, athletes, as well as businessmen or anyone who is looking for hassle-free hair that still makes them look like the funkiest fella in the room. 

    To recreate this modern and stylish Sergio Ramos haircut Head to your barber and ask him to cut the sides and back of your hair short with clippers. Start with a #1 at the base of the neck and as you move toward the top of the hair switch to a #2. Scissor-cut the top of your hair to give it that soft natural look. You want it to be around three inches in length. Go over the haircut with the clippers and make sure to blend the top of the sides in well with the top of the hair. This will give the look a neat finish with no harsh edges.

    • You know the drill. Start with freshly washed towel dried hair. Now grab a pea sized amount of our Matte Lava Clay and warm the product up between your finger’s tips. Then apply the product to your hair starting from the back and working your way towards the front, coating the hair from root to tip. This is the best way to apply the product, so it is evenly distributed throughout your hair. 
    • Grab your hairdryer and our fine-toothed Kent’s Comb to style your hair. Put the hairdryer on a medium heat and comb your hair over to the side. Keep going until the hair is fully dried and the hair stays in position. Finally turn your hairdryer to cold and blast your hair to set everything in place.


      Haircut 2: Slicked Back Undercut

      How to get the Sergio Ramos haircut and hairstyle - a slicked back undercut

      Credit: Sportbible


      This haircut is great for when the weather is getting hotter and if you just want to look like a complete and utter badass in general. Practical and sexy, this Sergio Ramos haircut might be the next hairstyle for you. It is also perfect for you funky fellas with thick hair and are looking to take a little weight off but not lose any of that height. 

      When it comes to duplicating this Sergio Ramos haircut Ask your barber to leave the hair on top long but make sure to cut in layers that vary from three to five inches. This helps give the hair some height when it’s time to style your new look. For the sides and back ask for an undercut cut with #0.5 from the base of your hairline to the top of your hairline. You should be able to see your scalp through your hair. If you want to go for something a little trendier touch up your undercut with a high fade by transitioning into a #1 about half an inch from the hairline.

      • To style, start with clean and slightly damp hair. You don’t want your hair dripping. Add some on our Funky Flex Cream as a pre-styler. Apply it to your hair from root to tip.
      • Grab your hairdryer and trusty comb. Aim your hairdryer so your hair dries straight back and then comb your hair from front to back. Once your hair is dry, quickly blast it with some cold air to help it keep its position.
      • For that extra firm hold use a small amount of our Styling Funk. This will also help with that wet, shiny finish. 
      • Now to finish, slick your hair back using the comb to help create those textured fine lines in your hair.

      Zheelana Cottam
      Zheelana Cottam


      Zheelana is a writer based in Cardiff. She has a BA Honours in English and Creative Writing and is a certified TESOL teacher. When she isn’t out hiking in the lush Welsh countryside, she fills her days with reading, journaling, and going out for food.

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