Credit: Dapper House

    Credit: Dapper House

    Pre-Shave Oil - The Answer To Irritation, Bumps & Razor Burns

    by Sal Essa

    One of the great aspects of product design is that the community it serves often discovers wonderful and innovative uses for it, well beyond it's creator's inception.


    We've received feedback from the funky fella community, particularly barbers, that

    No Gunk's Hair & Beard Grooming Spray functions as an excellent pre-shave oil.

    Credit: CNN

    What is a pre-shave oil? Simply put, it is an oil designed to prep the skin up for a close shave and reduce irritation. It works by lubricating and softening the hair for an easy tug and pull. Use it just before foaming up.

    Our Grooming Spray is highly fitting. Not only is it lightweight and highly absorbent, but it's also packed Organic Argan Oil which contains some natural gems for shaving.

    Argan oil's Vitamin E nourishes facial hair and it's Vitamin A acts as an anti-inflammatory which reduces irritation, razor bumps & burns.

    Credit: Dapper House

    So next time you shave, don't forget to have our Grooming Spray close by. To use it, simply:

    1. Shower

    2. Spray & Rub Both Hands

    3. Apply To Facial Hair

    4. Wait 3 minutes

    5. Foam

    6. Shave


    Sal Essa
    Sal Essa


    Sal Essa is the Chief Funky Fella & Founder of No Gunk. Fluent in French & Spanish, during his spare time he enjoys travelling, improving his Mandarin & learning from great entrepreneurs and brands.

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