Top 5 Trending Men’s Hairstyles Of 2022. Credit: GoodtoKnow

    Top 5 Trending Men’s Hairstyles Of 2022. Credit: GoodtoKnow

    Top 5 Trending Men’s Hairstyles Of 2022

    by Zheelana Cottam


    This year has gone off with a bang and it’s evident which are the top haircuts of this new chapter in human history. We saw a few avant-garde trend setters experimenting with these haircuts last year so you will be familiar with a few of the styles that have made it into our list of the Top 5 Trending Men’s Hairstyles Of 2022. This list is full of extreme opposites from all the hair to barely any hair at all. Gender-fluid haircuts are on the rise and so are throwbacks to a time before touch screen phones. 

    Continue to find out which hairstyles are a hit for 2022… 




    Top 5 Trending Men’s Hairstyles In 2022 - Jacob Elordi Mullet Haircut.

     Credit: Isabella Elordi

    An iconic 80s hairstyle is making a big return and turning a lot of heads as it does. The mullet reared its head in the 2021 trending hairstyles for women with celebs such as Miley Cyrus and Zendaya trying out the look. Now it is dominating the world of men’s hair. Yes, we’re talking about the hairstyle that’s all business in the front and party in the back! This is a great haircut for long haired fellas who aren’t afraid to experiment with their looks or be the centre of attention. Many celebrities have tried out and tested this eye-catching haircut such as Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi as well as lead singer of Maneskin, Damiano David, who won the 2021 Eurovision song contest.

    To recreate the modern buzzcut you will be aiming for a short front and sides with long hair at the back that stops just before it reaches your shoulders – you can go longer if you’re daring. To refine this oldie but goodie hairstyle ask your barber for a low fade on the sides which will accentuate your new cut. 

    Recommended Styling Products: Funky Flex Cream


    Buzz Cut


    Top 5 Trending Men’s Hairstyles In 2022 - Angus Cloud Buzz Cut Haircut.

     Credit: Hector Rodriguez

    This is a haircut you can thank HBO’s Euphoria for launching into the list of men’s trending hairstyles of 2022. Angus Cloud plays everyone’s favourite drug dealer Fezco – affectionately known as Fez - in the series and sports a statement buzz cut. Not to mention this was the haircut that designers had their models wearing as they strutted their stuff in many ss/2022 fashion shows, hinting at the latest grooming trends to keep an eye out for. It’s actually a great choice for men that are starting to show signs of early balding or if you have thin hair.

    When it comes to creating this buzz cut you want to aim for a #1 close-cut all over your head with a tidied up natural hairline and then clean up the sides with some neat geometric lines. This look wouldn’t be complete without some kind of facial hair to balance out the short haircut. With hair this short it's best to apply a cold-pressed plant oil to keep your scalp protected from exposure and to nourish it so it doesn’t get itchy or dry. 

    Recommended Styling Products: Organic Argan Oil


    The Shag


    Top 5 Trending Men’s Hairstyles In 2022 – The Shag Haircut.

     Credit: Men's Hairstyle Trends (Jelle Vissers)

    This hairstyle is a true homage to the 70s giving the wearer an effortless and retro vibe that makes you think about legends such as Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger. The shag is huge this year and comes in many variations from short, long, tousled, layered, wavy, etc. This is a great haircut for you funky fellas with thick or wavy hair as this hairstyle requires lots of layers which gives a flattering shape as well as adding texture and movement. If you have straight hair you can get this haircut, but you will have to put in the waves yourself or your hairdo will look deflated when this hairstyle is all about the volume. 

    To achieve a good shag, you must first establish the length you want. Your stylist will then lay the foundation of your hair by framing your face and then cutting at an angle towards the back. Once that’s done your stylist will section up your hair and cut in some strong layers starting at the top of the head and working down which will give you that nice shaggy look.

    Recommended Styling Products: Funky Flex Cream.


    Curly or Textured Skin Fade


    Top 5 Trending Men’s Hairstyles In 2022 – Curly Textured Skin Fade Haircut.

     Credit: Instagram: moohammad_hamze

    The skin fade is a classic cut in any barbershop and a huge hit with boys and men of all ages especially for 2022. It is excellent for keeping a hairstyle sharp while still allowing you to get creative on top. The skin fade basically means your hair will be cut down until bald on the sides which blends up clean and seamless into your hair. There should be no harsh lines because you don’t want to be looking like somebody stuck a bowl on top of your head and went to work – no thanks! For the top we are instructing you curly haired fellas to embrace your natural hair. Curls are in and they are here to stay. Just look at football legend Ronaldo who has sported a similar look to this back when he played for Milan.  

    When it comes to this look, tell your barber you’re looking for a skin fade – you can decide how high you want it – with your natural curls accentuated on top. He will know what you mean. For you fellas that have straight hair ask them to put in some texture which can easily be created by cutting in some layers and using styling products to create that look.

    Recommended Styling Products: Styling Funk, Matte Lava Clay


    Bro Flow


    Top 5 Trending Men’s Hairstyles In 2022 – Bradley Cooper’s Bro Flow Haircut.

     Credit: WENN Rights Ltd

    Longer hair is definitely in it for the win this year because the fifth style to make our Top 5 Trending Men’s Hairstyles In 2022 is the bro flow. This is basically a medium to length hairstyle which encourages hair to take its natural shape with very little interference on the stylers part. This is an easy going look that works best when brushed back with a nice middle parting. Big name celebrities have been rocking this hairstyle for ages such as everyone’s beloved Keanu Reeves and Bradley Cooper. This is the best haircut if you’re trying to go for that rugged and relaxed look that is a staple for any Hollywood heartthrob. 

    To achieve this look you’re going to want to let your hair grow out for a few months, so it at least touches the top of your collar. When it comes to the cut you’re going to want to head to a stylist and ask them to scissor cut the ends of your hair to neaten everything up a bit and maybe add some light layers if you’re looking for a more voluminous finish. After that our main upkeep will be making sure this style stays hydrated with regular shampoos every 2-3 days and having the patience to let your hair air dry.

    Recommended Styling Products: Funky Flex Cream, Fig Barbary Shampoo.


    What did you think about the top picks for 2022? 


    Drop a comment and let us know if this list had you booking a trip to the barber asap. Or better yet, you already have one of these cuts and are setting the trends.  

    Zheelana Cottam
    Zheelana Cottam


    Zheelana is a writer based in Cardiff. She has a BA Honours in English and Creative Writing and is a certified TESOL teacher. When she isn’t out hiking in the lush Welsh countryside, she fills her days with reading, journaling, and going out for food.

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