NO GUNK Ingredients Index: Vitamin A (Retinol).

    NO GUNK Ingredients Index: Vitamin A (Retinol).

    Retinol (Vitamin A)

    by Zheelana Cottam


    Rating: Great 


    INCI Name: 

    Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate. 

    Retinol Benefits For Skin: 

    Moisturising, Brightening, Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory, Reduces Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

    Retinol Benefits For Hair: 

    Encourage Cell Turnover, Moisturises Scalp, Stops Breakage, Stimulates Collagen Production. 

    Retinol Description:

    Retinol (vitamin A) is a highly active, GMO free, fat-soluble vitamin with great effects on the skin. Retinol  promotes a healthy dermis and epidermis by stimulating the collagen production in your skin which helps it to look plump and youthful. However, one of the drawbacks of this is an increased sensitivity to the sun. When using retinol (vitamin A) it is important to wear sunscreen to stop any serious sun side effects such as sunburn or, in a worse case scenario, skin cancer. Retinol is an antioxidant which means it is moisturising, skin brightening, and helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol is a great ingredient for people that suffer with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is an over production of melanin in the skin after intense irritation or inflammation such as acne, by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase (an enzyme that stimulates melanin production). Retinol (vitamin A) is great for your hair as it encourages hair cell growth, moisturises the scalp, and keeps hair healthy. It’s important not to have too much retinol, as studies have suggested that may have the opposite effect and result in hair loss. 

      Zheelana Cottam
      Zheelana Cottam


      Zheelana is a writer based in Cardiff. She has a BA Honours in English and Creative Writing and is a certified TESOL teacher. When she isn’t out hiking in the lush Welsh countryside, she fills her days with reading, journaling, and going out for food.

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